HOLIDAYS AND SICK DAYS: Regular tuition rate applies, NO tuition reduction.

VACATION DAYS/WEEKS: With prior written notice, Kids In Harmony will offer each student 50% discount of the tuition rate, for up to two weeks of vacation per school year (September to August). Beyond two weeks of vacation, any additional vacation days/weeks taken within the school year period will be charged the regular tuition rate.

ACTION FOR CHILDREN: Parents approved for Illinois Action For Children Program are required to cover monthly tuition every 1st of each month. Or paid weekly no later than each Fridays. Late charges will apply.

REGISTRATION FEE: $70.00 for the 15 months thru 3 years old students. $100.00 for the 4 years old & older students. This fee is due in August or when first registering your child. It covers purchase of your child’s school supplies such as arts and craft materials, reading magazines, writing materials, workbooks (whenever age appropriate), etc. The fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: Deposit payment is required at the time of enrollment into the program. This fee equals your child’s one week tuition. This will be applied to your final week’s tuition payment. A two-week written notice is required indicating your child’s last day of school. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.


Two siblings enrolled: Older child receives 20% discount. Younger child is regular rate.

Three siblings enrolled: Oldest sibling- 20% discount. 2nd sibling – 10% discount.  3rd sibling – Regular rate

LATE TUITION PAYMENT: Weekly tuition payments are due no later than each Friday (or earlier) before the student's attendance of the following week. A $20.00 late payment fee will be charged to your account after end of school week (6:00 PM, Friday.)

LATE PICK-UP FEE:  Students picked up after 6:00 PM will be charged $20.00 for the first 10 minutes, then $3.00/minute thereafter. This fee is to be paid in cash at time of arrival. 3 late pick-up will result to termination of daycare services to your family.

​​INSUFFICIENT FUNDS:         $ 25.00

KIH reserves the right to refuse services to families due to late payment or

3 non-sufficient funds.

An annual rate of 5% goes into effect on the week of Labor Day

• Staff Qualifications: Our teachers have a BA or Associate degree in Early Childhood Education or an education related field, or sufficient credits in the field of education and significant work experience. The Program Director with over 10 years of early childhood experience coordinates program planning & implementation.

• Cultural Diversity: Kids In Harmony Day School encourages enrollment of children from various cultural backgrounds.

• Program: We offer flexible, rich learning environment that facilitates physical, cognitive and social emotional growth. Curriculum planning is based on developmentally appropriate learning and teaching guidelines.

• Loving Environment: Our school is more than just teaching kids. Because of the low teacher-student ratio, our staff aims to develop meaningful relationships with our students that will help provide them with strong educational and social foundation.



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