(Isn’t So Bad After All)

​Author: Lori Orlinsky

Our very own Kids In Harmony parent, Lori Orlinsky (Ellie’s mom) wrote a children’s book!   We are so excited and privileged to promote the book on site.  The book is a fun, rhyming story with a great message for all.

“Being Small” is a picture book about a little girl who is scared to go to school because she’s the shortest kid in the class.  She talks about all of the reasons that being short is a challenge, but her mother presents to her funny and unique advantages that only she has because of her height, instilling self-confidence in her.

Order forms are available in the office.  Special KIH price is $12.95, which is $2.00 off retail price.  Get your copies today!  Keep one for your child and few more to share around.  This makes for a great gift to young children. Highly recommended!


Please keep KIH in mind for old children’s books, puzzles and scrap paper, when you do your spring cleaning.  Thank you in advance.


Week of:
03/04      Farm Animals
03/11      Happy St. Patrick’s Day  (symbols assoiated with the Holiday)
03/18      Hello Spring
03/25      Butterflies, Caterpillars, Ladybugs OH MY!

M A R C H    2 0 1 9


Week of:
03/04      All about Spring Weather
03/11      St. Patrick’s Week
03/18      Planting in the Spring
03/25      Eggs, Eggs Everywhere

Cece’s Mom – office and school supplies
Aydin’s Parents – Dr. Seuss class décor

Week of:
03/04      At the Zoo
03/11      I see Green
03/18     Going to the doctor
03/25     Spring begins




Please dress your child according to weather.  Weather permitting, we always take every opportunity we can to enjoy the outdoors, as we explore, socialize and learn actively in school.  Also, check with your child’s teachers if he or she has a complete set of extra clothes in school (shirt, pants, underwear, socks).






D I R E C T O R ' S     C O R N E R

Whether March decides to come “In like a lion or out like a lamb” has yet to be seen (and felt).  The only thing I am absolute about is that we all look forward to welcoming Spring!  The month of March is like a wonderful prelude of what to expect --- pastel colors of blossoming flowers; crisp-fresh scent of growing greeneries; the bluer skies and cotton-forming clouds; the active chirping of birds as if telling us all to enjoy the site of new life; BUT my most favorite of them all, is seeing blissful children wearing rain coat and rain boots as they puddle play on the side walk!  These are just few of the many tangible things that all our senses will be filled with and get to enjoy, as we savor the hallmark of Spring!  Personally, I already have a lengthy “TO DO” list that I’ve generated over the past few months both at home and at work.  And I am thrilled that I can finally start crossing off tasks from my every growing list. The idea of cleaning and organizing is a mental reset to me!

At Kids In Harmony, we absolutely have many school activities and special days lined up for our young learners to enjoy, explore and learn from.  Amongst the list are Dr. Seuss’ birthday, St. Patrick’s Day celebration, Picture Day, Annual Fundraising and many, many more….So fasten your seatbelts, because we are SPRINGing forward to many exciting things under the Sun. And it’s right around the corner!

Week of:
03/04      St. Patrick’s Celebration, Early Addition
03/11      All About Ireland, Measurement
03/18      Transition to Spring, Fraction 
03/25      Changes in Spring  (Earth, animals, people). 
All About Money