Ms. Genny


It is that time of year again..... Please keep in mind that many of our neighbors need help especially during these trying times and one of the most important basic needs is food.  Consider making donations to our local Food Banks through the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  They receive monetary donations by mail or by phone.  Your donations are tax deductible and will directly help feed the hungry. Numerous small contributions always add up to significant amount in the end.

What a great way to teach our children to share and most of all, be thankful for the many blessings that we receive everyday.  Please be generous in giving and we guarantee everyone that the generosity will come back threefold.

Always reference our school calendar for upcoming events and school days off, so that you are able to plan accordingly.



N O V E M B E R    2 0 2 1


November is a great time to think of the many blessings our family receives in a bounty.  Whether they are material or personal list of things to be thankful for, let us not forget to simply be appreciative!  As we celebrate Thanksgiving twice in a row still COVID-19 style, I am sure we can all agree that our perspective about things that we truly give thanks for have altered tremendously.  This pandemic has caused hardships in so many different ways and yet, it also has magnified our reasons to be thankful for.  When life throws curveballs – gracefully dodge or bounce back.  Either or, it always is a learning experience.

To celebrate this month’s special occasion, our Class Thanksgiving Feast at Kids In Harmony will be on Tuesday, November 23rd.  Treats are welcome, but not required.  We will have a food sign-up sheet posted in the office a week before our party. Our Feast is also an opportunity for us to remind our children about table manners and polish on some self-help skills, as well.  Following up these skills at home always come in handy!

I would like to also go over some of our school closing dates as the Holidays are fast approaching.  Thanksgiving Days off are Thursday and Friday, November 25 & 26.  

Next month, we will close at 12:30 PM on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve; Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, we will be closed.  Please refer to your school calendar and plan accordingly.   As mentioned in our Parent Handbook,  full tuition is required even on Holiday weeks, as our school has financial obligations that need to be covered regardless of the days we are open.  We thank you always for your cooperation and understanding.



Speaking of giving thanks, we would like to say “THANK YOU” to all those parents who brought in treats for the children and staff on Halloween.  Our children had a “spook-tacular” party spent with their friends in school.

Everyone paraded their costumes with pride and joy.  Our trick-or-treating was likewise very “sweet”! Thanks to our neighbors and merchants in the area for participating and giving their time to our little ones!  Till next year.....

Another THANK YOU goes to Everett’s parents for donating children’s books, puzzles and toys to our school.  We can never have too many books to read in class!