It is hard to believe that we are already talking about summer in Chicago.  While many of our families plan to continue sending their children through the summer, we still ask that you kindly inform us by the end of April if you intend to pull your child out during those months.  We do have families needing childcare beginning in June, but we will only be able to accommodate them when we have a definite head count.  

As always, we have fun, learning activities lined-up for our summer camp. While COVID-19 has challenged us in teaching young children, our teachers continue to evolve and explore creative ways to keep our learners engaged in meaningful ways.  We might not be able to go on field trips just yet, but for sure we will take advantage of the many learning spaces in the neighborhood --- as safely as possible.
We will have the summer camp info available next month.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


A P R I L   2 0 2  1 




Many, many thanks to our wonderful parents for your donation to the school…..

Cassie & Elias’ Mom – Donut Treats for the staff
Anthony’s Mom – Pizza Lunch for the staff
Gianna’s Dad & Mom – Children’s Toys

And to everyone who brought in treats for the children and staff on both St. Patrick’s Day and Easter Egg Hunt!  The children were very happy to feast on yummy snacks parents brought to school, with the added bonus ---- a surprise visit from the EASTER BUNNY!

Lastly, always reference our school calendar for upcoming events and school days off, so that you are able to plan accordingly.




As you begin your Spring cleaning, please keep KIH in mind for children’s books, puzzles, dress-up clothes/props and scrap paper for our art area.  This year’s group of older children PARTICULARLY loves to draw and “write”, so we can definitely use more supplies of paper and stuff.  

Picture Day

This year’s picture day was rescheduled to May 11th.  Part time students who do not come on that day are invited to come by between 10 - 11 am. Parents or guardians should wait in the car.

No money is required on picture day.  Photo packages will be available approximately after three weeks.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, autism affects an estimated 1 in 54 children in the United States today. Let us all raise awareness about people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders including Autism and Asperger Syndrome.  Whether you plan to donate or read and learn more about this disorder, it will benefit all of us; awareness encourages acceptance, understanding and helps in unveiling the humanity in Autism.  #NoShameinAutism

Happy spring to our KIH family!  Much is happening all around us, AND they are “eggs-tra” special!
In school this month, we officially start our 4th Quarter.  For our Dragonfly, Bubblegum and Jellybean Classes, our focus will be on Nursery Rhymes, Songs and Fingerplays.  As always, we will incorporate many developmentally appropriate concepts into our weekly theme.  

“Nursery Rhymes, Songs and Fingerplays” are very important to teach to young children.  These give little ones opportunities to hear new words and many new ways to make sentences --- even form new words; rhyming words allow children to hear sounds that are alike (same ending sounds or beginning sounds); sequencing events of what happened in the little stories; encouraging children to imitate or role-play actions; learning of early math skills; and building memory skills.  
For our Rainbow Class, our 4th Quarter will focus on “Character Development”.  With the varied messages our young children are exposed to in the media and around them, it is critical that we incorporate the teaching of ethical behavior into our daily routine.  Adults play a vital role in helping children develop their full potential.   We wish for the future generation to internalize characteristics such as compassion, respect, kindness, honesty, patience, self-control, responsibility, leadership, etc…. AND this begins in their early years.

“Character Development” concepts will be introduced using books that are theme-related.  Academic concepts will also be incorporated in to the lesson plan.

As you can see, our school will continue to be filled with buzzing, happy children, as they flutter, hover, and pollinate their minds with many new concepts. And we cannot “bee” more excited to watch how our little ones metamorphosize!


Ms. Genny



It is time to check with your child’s teachers to make sure they have extra clothes in school and that they are weather appropriate.  Since the children go outside for outdoor play, kindly remember to send in a sweatshirt.  Always label your child’s belongings to avoid mix-ups.  Perhaps it is also time to check that their shoes still fit comfortably.  No open-toe shoes please.

April is 
“World Autism Awareness Month”