Always reference our school calendar for upcoming events and school days off, so that you are able to plan accordingly.



Beginning this month, masking is now optional for our KIH STUDENTS and STAFF.  Families dropping off and entering the center are recommended to mask up regardless of your vaccination status.

 Since COVID-19 is transmissible, the best way to keep everyone safe is to get vaccinated.  Vaccines are safe, effective, and available to everyone above age 6 months.  We strongly encourage families to test weekly, as a safety precaution.

If your child exhibits symptoms related to COVID-19, he or she needs to test in order to attend school.

Changes to these procedures will be dependent on the transmission rate of COVID-19 in our area; OR if and when the Health Department requires otherwise.


Please remember to post your KIH School Year 2022 - 2023 Calendar in a prominent place for your reference.  I suggest taking a picture of it for easy access.  Early dismissal and school closing dates are included so everyone can plan ahead.   School year calendar is also posted on our website: “”.
Please send an extra set of clothing for your child to leave in school.  As we prepare for cooler weather, consider sending pants, long sleeve shirt, 2 underwear, and socks.

Many of you will be asked to update your child’s physical form in the coming months.  Kindly make sure to return form on a timely manner.  Also, if you have a new home address, cell phone or work number, please inform the office accordingly so we can update your child’s file.

Ms. Genny

SEPTEMBER IS HERE!!!  Many of us felt as if this year’s summer ended too soon. Regardless though, we hope everyone have had a wondrous summertime; and that it included plenty of family time, ice cream, fun, laughter, and “sun-filled” memories.

September is also a month of many new beginnings. We have a group of new students joining our program, as we said goodbye to our preschoolers and kindergarteners from last school year.  We wish for them to do very well in their new schools and that they continue to learn with such gusto.

Here at Kids In Harmony, we say “Welcome” to our new family members.  We look forward to building an extended family with yours, as we journey into the exciting world of early childhood education.  Together, we are definite that many great things will be accomplished and learned about throughout the school year!

To our returning families, welcome back and thank you for believing in us always.  Every family that walks through the door of KIH is our daily affirmation that what we do matters and helps make a difference – one child at a time!

Every school year, we pick up where we left off; make changes and amendment; adapt, adept and adopt!   We recognize that every child’s needs vary and we strive our hardest to meet those individual needs.  When we succeed, we celebrate; when we fail, we make better… simply because we will not disappoint our little ones and their families.  It is ALL of us that makes the community at KIH.  It is a humble abode that benefits many ----- from its staff, children, their families and the neighborhood. And so long as you keep believing in us, we will always be here for you.

We have many activities, events and new teaching techniques lined up for the new school year!  And we are very excited and ready to go.  So, fasten your seatbelt and come along for yet another fun-learning ride.

But for now, let me end this by saying “WELCOME” and “THANK YOU”!